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Hardwood Sawntimber

Species of Hardwood Sawntimber

Maple, Acacia, Pear, Beech, Sweet Chestnut, Style- and Sessile Oak, Alder, Ash, Cherry, Lime, European Walnut, American Back Walnut, Poplar, Elm  



fresh, air dried or kiln dried, non edged,some assortment also edged possible



Pallet Board, Parquet Boards, Joinery Grade, uneged Boards, Log sawn trough and trough



Pallets-, Packaging-, Parquet-, Furniture- and Chair Industries, Producer from Brushes, Paint Brushes,Wooden Tool Handles, Coffins, Windows, Doors, Stairs

Maple (Ácer)

Acacia (Robínia)

Beech (Fágus silvática)

Sweet Chestnut (Castánea satíva)

Oak (Quércus)

Alder (Álnus)

Ash (Fráxinus)

Cherry (Prúnus)

Lime (Tília)

European Walnut (Júglans régia)

Poplar (Pópulus)

American Black Walnut (Júglans nígra)

Elm (Úlmus)