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The Teuschler Ltd. was founded in 1953 by Franz Teuschler senior as a single firm.


The company has engaged in trading of logs, sawn timber and also in the production of lumber and structural timber. The market was mainly Austria and including also Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany.

In 1979 the company was changed into Teuschler Ldt., which was mainly engaged in the trading of softwoods, telegraph poles and railway sleepers.

Now the company is a  international timber trading company. The assortments are logs and sawn timber and elements from hard- and softwood. Our supply markets include Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Our delievery markets are mainly concentrated on Italy, France and Austria.

Our speciality is from short-term deliveries to more than long-term supply contracts. We offer storage, timely compliance with delivery dates, delivery of mixed loads of different wood species and grades aswell as partial shipments.